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Archive for 22/12/2011

[HongYe’s Fanfic] “Bonjour! Madame Croissan” (ENDING PART)!

.:: Final Part ::.

  • Title: Bonjour! Miss Croissant
  • The Author: TanMayang (FB: Intan Mayang Hamidi, twitter: @tan_mayan931210)
  • The Casts: Lee Hongki, Park Shin Hye, FT Island, Ham Eunjung.
  • Genre: Romance
  • Theme Songs: -FT Island : Sunshine Girl, Baby Love, Marry me & I Confess, -Shania Twain: Still The one, -D’ Cinnamons: Loving   You, -Jonas Brother: Gotta Find You, and the last -Justin Derulo: It Girl. (lebih…)