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[TWITPIC] ROCKMAN Heechul twitt a Pic with Chocoball (ENG+IndoTrans)

@Heedictator놀러와(이하늘, 유재석) with 쪼코볼. 나 상추 쌈디 정모 홍기 정말 재밌게 찍었다ㅋㅋ 서로 신나게 헐뜯느라 M&D얘기도 거의 못함ㅋㅋ

IDNTrans :

Rockman (Ihaneul, Yoo) dengan Jjocobol. Aku, Sangchu, Ssamdi, Jeongmo, Hong-gi di waktu yang baik berbicara mengenai M & D

ENGTrans :

ROCKMAN (Ihaneul, Yoo) with Jjocobol. Me , Sangchu, Ssamdi, Jeongmo, Hong-gi in a great time talk about M&D

source : @Heedictator
ENG+IDNTrans : Intan@FTI

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