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[IntanOngkia] Hard to left it!!

annyeong primadonna, shawol and A+ in Indonesia^^

This time, I wanna tell you about Shawolisland blog. maybe for next time, Shawolisland seldom to update about KPOP. wae??

because This time, I have to be study harder for National Examinations and SNMPTN, both of them are the scariest thing along my life, I should prepare for war in National Examination, the same problem happened to both of my friends in my classmate. I hope we can be the winner of the war. and we can catch our dream together. Maybe my position as Main author IntanOngkia@shawolisland at this blog will be replace with my sister RatiOngiOnggi.

Thanks for read it!!

One response

  1. thnx bro

    15/02/2011 pukul 9:50 am

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